Keeping in touch and getting clear information

We need:

  • A clear commitment for organisations to communicate with us in the ways that help us
  • Easy information about all important choices - like breastfeeding, health, money, and housing
  • Staff training to support us and the chance for us to get extra time and support in health checks, meetings and consultations
  • Easy ways for us to contact workers when we need to and make sure they do what is needed


Blank CD
  1. What sort of communications plan do you have?
  2. What easy information do you offer:
    • Easy leaflets
    • Big writing
    • Pictures and symbols tapes, CDs, videos and DVDs.
  3. On what subjects? (Health, contraceptives/birth control, parenting, housing, money, support etc)
  4. Do workers get training to:
    • use easy words
    • making meetings easier to understand
    • use tapes and CDs not just writing
    • use symbols and signing
    • give us extra time
    • help us have our say in meetings - not talk over our heads.
  5. What easy ways are there for us to get in touch with workers?
  6. How do you make sure we can see someone when we need to?
  7. How do you make sure workers do what they've been asked?
  8. Do you send copies of all letters and notes about meetings to parents?