Getting help and being assessed

We need:

  • Help on our terms - not having to sit tests
  • Help without our children having to be seen as ‘at risk’ first
  • To be able to get help without people thinking we can’t cope
  • To be able to say no to services
  • To be assessed by workers who have had training to understand our needs
  • To be assessed for the good things we do and to be given time to show the things we can do


Man and son
  1. How can we get help even if our children don't have a child protection plan?
  2. Can we get services without having to sit an intelligence test?
  3. Can we ask for help without services thinking we can't cope?
  4. Do we have a choice between different services?
  5. How can you help us see the same social worker or case worker every time?
  6. What training do the workers assessing us have to know about our needs?
  7. When we are assessed, do you ask about what we are good at?
  8. How do you make sure any assessment of us is fair? (given that we have learning difficulties)
  9. How do you explain to the children’s workers that we may need more time?