Groups and getting out

Meeting other people for us and our children

What people said:

“It would be good to have a group where parents could talk socially to each other, not just to learn about parenting. This could be a support when things are not so good where other people may have had similar experiences. It would be good to know I am not the only one.”

We need:

Parents with child - mother feeding child with milk
  • A choice of clubs and groups for us to go to with crèches for our children
  • Groups around the borough with transport to get to them
  • Support to join the same groups as everyone else
  • Support to help our children go to clubs and play schemes
  • Help with other things like going out for the day and going on holiday


  1. How many social clubs and groups are there that offer support and the chance of getting to know other people?
    What are the names of the clubs and groups?
    Is there a limit on places?
    How many places for people in all?
  2. Are there crèches at the clubs and groups?
    Is there a limit to the number of crèche places? How many?
  3. Are there clubs and groups meeting all over the borough?
    Do they have a minibus to get us there?
  4. How do you support us to find and join clubs and groups for parents?
  5. How do you support us to find out about clubs and play schemes for children?
  6. Do you have a list of services and charities that support families?
  7. Can we get help to do things like read letters or go on holiday?