Looking after our children and ourselves

We need:

Doctor writing on clipboard
  • Easy information and advice about our children’s health - diet, development, first aid, vaccination and safety
  • Access to trained staff, including health visitors, who understand our needs and explain things without jargon
  • The chance to see the same health professionals each time
  • Support and extra time at health checkups to understand what is going on and to ask the things we want
  • Advice and support about our health including contraception


  1. What easy information do you offer about:
    • breastfeeding
    • changing feeding from milk to solid food
    • healthy eating
    • how our children develop and learn
    • first aid for our children
    • injections - the benefits and the dangers
    • keeping children safe
  2. What training do staff have to explain things to us in ways we understand - without jargon?
  3. How can we get a health visitor if we need one?
  4. What special support is there at health checkups?
    (Extra time, easy information and trained staff)
  5. How can you make sure we can we see the same health visitor every time?
  6. How much training do health visitors get to work with people with learning difficulties?
  7. What can our doctor offer to support for our health?
    (Longer appointments, training to work with us, easy information, extra support)
  8. What support and advice to you offer on contraception once our child is born?