Find a place to like and staying independent

What people said:

“It’s taking a long time to find out about housing and I don’t know what is happening ....”

“I have a social worker to help me find somewhere to live and to get help with things like my money as I don’t know how to pay the bills and stuff”

“Having more children meant our two bedroom flat was far too small for the number of people. It could be difficult phoning up to get a bigger home. You were told that you would have to transfer and exchange with another family if you wanted to move. There didn’t seem to be any other options”

“I found it useful to have choices of the type of accommodation I had, such as the area I wanted to live in and what floor I wanted to live on if I were offered a flat”.

We need:

House key wallet
  • Supported housing to help us be independent
  • The chance of moving into, and be supported in our own home
  • Support to find a home that is right for us and our children
  • Easy to understand information about housing and benefits with support with filling out forms and housing interviews
  • Independent advice if we cannot get the help we need
  • Support with shopping, money and cleaning to stay living independently.


Large residential home
  1. How many people with learning difficulties are there on the Council housing waiting list?
  2. How many of these have children?
  3. How many parents with learning difficulties live in their own home?
  4. How many are temporary and how many permanent?
  5. How many supported housing places are there for people with learning difficulties?
  6. How many supported housing places do you have that accommodate parents and their children?
  7. How many support workers are there all together?
  8. What information and support is there for our housing choices?
  9. In supported housing, what support do you offer if a resident gets pregnant?
  10. What support do you give parents living in their own home? (Help with shopping, money, cleaning etc)
  11. When we move, how do you make sure our support moves too?
  12. What support is there for us to apply for more suitable housing?
  13. What easy information do you offer about:
    • getting on the housing list
    • help with rent and mortgages
    • council tax benefits
    • grants and housing repairs
  14. How can we talk to someone about all these things together - so we don’t have to talk to separate people.
  15. How much support to you offer people at housing interviews?
    (More time at interviews, staff trained to meet our needs, help with forms or a support/advocacy person to help us).