Pregnancy and birth

Getting ready for the baby

We need:

  • Support before the baby is born
  • Regular checkups in pregnancy and extra help to understand what is going on
  • The same midwife through the whole pregnancy
  • Antenatal classes that we can understand
  • Information about pregnancy which is easy to understand
  • Support to write our own birth plan
  • Easy information and advice on painkillers, home birth and breastfeeding


Pregnant woman holding baby
  1. What support can we get before the baby is born?
    What support is there to learn practical skills?
    How many people get this support?
  2. How often can we get midwife checkups through pregnancy?
    What special support is there at checkups? (Extra time, easy information, trained staff)
  3. How do you make sure we have the same midwife through pregnancy?
  4. What antenatal classes do you offer, and do you offer easy information on pregnancy and birth?
  5. How do you include fathers in your care and support?
  6. What help do you offer us to write a birth plan?
  7. What choices do you offer about home birth and pain killers?
  8. What easy information do you offer about these?
  9. What choice do you offer us as new parents? (Support worker, adult placement scheme, parent and baby units)