Thinking about a baby

Choices about being a parent

What people said:

Father holding son in the air

“I had pains. I didn’t know I was in labour. I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know what to expect when I had a baby”

“It was useful to have leaflets from the clinic”

“Sometimes I don’t feel listened to. I had the injection to stop me getting pregnant, but I didn’t like the side effects”

“It would be good to involve men more, to have more information aimed at men, not just women. For example - contraceptives, planning a baby etc”

“It was good to have a choice. I could go to a mother and baby unit or a foster placement. I chose a foster placement and stayed there when I was pregnant and until my baby was 13 months old. It was good being in a family and I could learn useful things”

“It’s good to get the support package sorted out before the baby comes along”.

We need:

  • support to have the same choices as everyone else - about pregnancy, having a baby, abortion or adoption
  • to have the option of counselling and easy information to help our choices
  • advice and easy information about contraception and the chance to get contraceptives (birth control) when we need them
  • support and advice about adoption without pressure to have a child adopted
  • long term support if we decide to have a baby.


  1. If someone is pregnant, how do you make sure we are supported to make our own choices about:
    • having a baby
    • adoption
    • abortion?
    What counselling services are there for us?
  2. Is support available from:
    • An advocate
    • A counsellor
    • A support worker
    • A community nurse
    • Family planning
    • A GP (Doctor)
    • A social worker (Learning Disability Team)
    • A social worker (Child and Family Team)
  3. What easy information is there about these choices?
  4. How do you encourage men to use services which provide information on contraceptives (birth control) and parenting?
  5. Condom in open packet
  6. How do you make sure we can make our own choices about contraceptives (birth control)?
  7. What easy information do you have on contraceptives (birth control)?
  8. How can we get contraceptives (birth control)?
  9. If we are pregnant and want to keep the baby, what long term support can we get (not just for a few weeks)?
  10. How do you make sure that a support package is set up before a baby is born?
  11. Can we get support from the beginning of the pregnancy (not just when things break down)?
  12. What services do you have to help if we are thinking of adoption (counselling, information etc)?
  13. How do you make sure that a decision to keep, or have a child adopted is ours and we are not put under pressure?