How to use the Mountain

Checking how good services are

Mountain from Parenting Toolkit
  • Here you can download the picture of a mountain (pdf, 423kb)
  • You can also download the PDF of the 10 people outlines (pdf, 203kb). They are in each of the colours used in this pack.
  • You can photocopy the mountain 10 times and write the name of each area (like Housing or Listening to us) on a copy.
  • Then you can stick the figure on the mountain to show how your Partnership Board is doing in each area.
  • If it is doing well, you can stick the figure higher up the mountain.
    If you think it is not doing well, then you can put the figure lower down the mountain.
  • This will help you feedback on how well your Partnership Board is doing.
  • You can also download the whole Toolkit as an Acrobat file. (pdf, 1.34mb)